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Think Rice, Think Powerful Nutrition

Whether you want to improve nutrition, lose weight, boost energy or simply nourish the body, rice can help you achieve these goals.

Rice, a Whole-Nother Grain

As you pack your pantry with whole grain goodness, make room for U.S.-grown rice: a whole-nother grain with a whole lot of benefits.

Think Rice Doesn’t Fit with Diabetes? Think Again.

Because rice is a source of carbohydrates, you may wonder if it will fit in your plan. While everyone’s needs are unique, rice can be diabetes-friendly.

The Case for Rice

It comes as no surprise that there is significant scientific agreement recommending whole grain rice and enriched, fortified white rice as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Kids Who Eat Rice Have Healthier Diets

Rice partners well with nutrient-rich vegetables, fruit and proteins; it’s a healthy source of calories and fiber too.


10 Reasons to Eat Rice Grown in the USA

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