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CU 4 Photo Bowl - Trend SpotlightVegetable Focused Menus Provide Nutrition and Flavor that College Students Crave

Volume 1, Issue 4  |  October 2017
urprise surprise, college students WILL eat their vegetables! More and more students are looking to vegetable-centric dishes for nutrition, flavor, and to cater to dietary restrictions. But how do dining hall operators provide more vegetable-forward menu items without leaving students hungry? read more

CU 3 recipe1 - Trend SpotlightHealth and Flavor Go Hand In Hand with U.S.-Grown Rice

Volume 1, Issue 3  |  July 2017
Health is top of mind for many college students, and can even play a role in where students choose to apply. As a response, many colleges and universities across the country are revamping their menus to appeal to health-minded students. U.S.-grown rice is an ideal addition for college dining halls—it’s packed full of nutrients, is a perfect base for adding global flavors and is an easy, cost-effective solution for making large-scale meals… read more

CU 2 Stat1 - Trend SpotlightBright, Flavorful Breakfast Bowls Invigorate Morning Mealtime

Volume 1, Issue 2  |  April 2017
Breakfast bowls are emerging on college and university dining hall menus as a fast and flavorful solution for students on the go. These one-dish meals allow C&U operators to showcase a range flavors that students love, while offering a healthy and satisfying breakfast. USA Rice is a perfect partner for these effortless… read more

Trend Spotlight CU Students Photo - Trend SpotlightColleges and Universities Embrace Local Sourcing

Volume 1, Issue 1  |  February 2017
Colleges and universities across the country are increasingly adding locally sourced ingredients to their menus. It’s a great way to appeal to socially minded students—it supports the area economy, benefits the environment, and creates a more meaningful connection between the student and farmer. That’s why USA Rice is the perfect match for foodservice operators in the C&U sector looking to beef up current locally sourced offerings… read more




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