USA Rice Farm & Mill Tour

Foodservice Farm and Mill Tour Program

USA Rice’s Farm and Mill Tour program targets foodservice professionals and decision makers who are interested in understanding how their food is sourced and learning more about U.S.-grown rice. Tour participants see firsthand how and where U.S. rice is grown and milled, and get a glimpse into the many facets of the U.S. rice industry. Past attendees include collegiate and professional sports nutritionists, representatives from restaurant chains and foodservice operators, registered dietitians, and professional chefs.

The program provides USA Rice an opportunity to showcase sustainably-grown U.S. rice and the hardworking men and women who make it all possible, and improves participants’ understanding of every aspect of U.S. rice, leading to increased use of the mighty grain. Tour attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of each step of the process that goes into producing consumer-ready rice and are introduced to conservation practices unique to U.S. rice farming that preserve and enhance the environment.

Blue logo that says "Rice" and shows blue rice grains

The program includes tours hosted by local farmers and mill operators of both rice fields at harvest and a milling facility. Additionally, the program features a U.S. rice focused dinner, a meet & greet with local rice officials, and a USA Rice gift bag for all tour attendees.

Tour location changes every year allowing tour attendees to view rice in harvest across all the rice-producing states. The 2018 tour destination is Crowley, Louisiana.

Highlights from the 2017 Farm and Mill Tour at Sun Valley Rice Company in Arbuckle, California.

Tour Participant Selection

Selection of farm and mill tour attendees is conducted independently.

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for the program, we want to hear from you! Fill out the contact form below to let USA Rice know why you should be considered as a tour participant, and submit for review.

For more information about USA Rice’s Foodservice Farm and Mill Tours, contact Domestic Promotion Manager Cameron Jacobs.

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