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The RD-Approved Guide to U.S.-Grown Rice

Your comprehensive guide to U.S.-grown rice including a varietal breakdown and nutrition overview.

Rice Nutrition 101

Recent research highlights the importance of rice consumption. This document includes information on the positive impact of rice cereal, takeaways from the 2020-25 Dietary Guidelines Scientific Report, and a summary of past rice research reports.

Think Rice, Think Powerful Nutrition

Whether you want to improve nutrition, lose weight, boost energy or simply nourish the body, rice can help you achieve these goals.

Rice, a Whole-Nother Grain

As you pack your pantry with whole grain goodness, make room for U.S.-grown rice: a whole-nother grain with a whole lot of benefits.

Think Rice Doesn’t Fit with Diabetes? Think Again.

Because rice is a source of carbohydrates, you may wonder if it will fit in your plan. While everyone’s needs are unique, rice can be diabetes-friendly.

The Case for Rice

It comes as no surprise that there is significant scientific agreement recommending whole grain rice and enriched, fortified white rice as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Kids Who Eat Rice Have Healthier Diets

Rice partners well with nutrient-rich vegetables, fruit and proteins; it’s a healthy source of calories and fiber too.

10 reasons to eat rice grown in the USA infographic

10 Reasons to Eat Rice Grown in the USA

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