Trend Spotlight

CU 6 Recipe1 - Trend SpotlightFlavor-Packed Sides Take Inspiration from Across the World

Volume 2, Issue 2  |  June 2018
Arroz. Riso. Gohan. However you say it, rice is a staple all over the world. Why? It’s inexpensive, packed with nutrients, and keeps you full. It’s also a starch chameleon, picking up any combination of spices, herbs, and seasonings you throw into the mix. read more

CU 5 Recipe1 - Trend SpotlightBowl-Meal Trend Livens-up Dining Hall Menus

Volume 2, Issue 1  |  May 2018
Healthy, colorful and loaded with flavor, bowl meals have become increasingly popular. Between 2005 and 2015, the percentage of restaurants serving bowl meals grew by 73 percent. The bowl meal has also become a staple for college and university foodservice operators, because it’s a healthy and customizable dish that can easily accommodate dietary restrictions. read more

CU 4 Photo Bowl - Trend SpotlightVegetable Focused Menus Provide Nutrition and Flavor that College Students Crave

Volume 1, Issue 4  |  October 2017
Surprise surprise, college students WILL eat their vegetables! More and more students are looking to vegetable-centric dishes for nutrition, flavor, and to cater to dietary restrictions. But how do dining hall operators provide more vegetable-forward menu items without leaving students hungry? read more

CU 3 recipe1 - Trend SpotlightHealth and Flavor Go Hand In Hand with U.S.-Grown Rice

Volume 1, Issue 3  |  July 2017
Health is top of mind for many college students, and can even play a role in where students choose to apply. As a response, many colleges and universities across the country are revamping their menus to appeal to health-minded students. U.S.-grown rice is an ideal addition for college dining halls—it’s packed full of nutrients, is a perfect base for adding global flavors and is an easy, cost-effective solution for making large-scale meals… read more

CU 2 Stat1 - Trend SpotlightBright, Flavorful Breakfast Bowls Invigorate Morning Mealtime

Volume 1, Issue 2  |  April 2017
Breakfast bowls are emerging on college and university dining hall menus as a fast and flavorful solution for students on the go. These one-dish meals allow C&U operators to showcase a range flavors that students love, while offering a healthy and satisfying breakfast. USA Rice is a perfect partner for these effortless… read more

Trend Spotlight CU Students Photo - Trend SpotlightColleges and Universities Embrace Local Sourcing

Volume 1, Issue 1  |  February 2017
Colleges and universities across the country are increasingly adding locally sourced ingredients to their menus. It’s a great way to appeal to socially minded students—it supports the area economy, benefits the environment, and creates a more meaningful connection between the student and farmer. That’s why USA Rice is the perfect match for foodservice operators in the C&U sector looking to beef up current locally sourced offerings… read more